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Karen Daniels

Author, Sensei, Energy Wizard

If you take all the energies that you currently use to keep yourself smaller and less visible, and put that energy toward Consciousness Awareness and Expansion, then you become unstoppable. – Sensei Karen

Karen Daniels - the soul whispererAre you feeling the call to expand your soul?

All over the planet, thought-leaders, coaches, and group leaders, are being called to release previous blocks to elevate their game and consciousness. You know your time is now because you feel the urge – the tug – an elusive sense of knowing that there is more and that it’s time for you to take those next steps.

You know that it is the bright shine of YOU that will draw coaching clients or mastermind clients to you so that you can do the work you were born to do. Their success is your success.

You will never have the bigness in life and  business that is truly yours if you follow rules and ideas created by someone else. You must be willing to delve into your essence, to not let fear stop you, and to learn to trust yourself and your energies if you are going to best help those that you teach and coach and inspire.

As human beings we tend to resist our true bigness and visibility. Myself included. I was not born having an conscious awareness of spirit or being able to sense and understand energy. The Universe, in it’s infinite wisdom, dragged me kicking and screaming into who I am now.

I’ve been forced to overcome my fears, to step out of my shell and into who I am. And the reality that I now live is beyond what I could have imagined – and I have a big imagination!

My journey has brought me to here – where I can sense, read, and understand energies that flow in and around us. I know what specific energies mean to an individual at that point in time. I can see what energies cause blocks in people I work with, and how they can release those blocks whether they are personal blocks or business blocks. I can travel an energy thread in a business and spot the “breaks” that can keep conversions lower than they should be or that prevent clients from saying yes.

MeLaurasTalk2I am an energy teacher, Martial Arts Sensei, author (my publishing website), and student of life. My mission lies in bringing energy enlightenment and higher levels of consciousness to those whKarenSaiCroppedo are already spiritually aware so that they can step into their true BIGNESS.
To be fully alive you must practice using, and honor, that strong creative energy river that runs wild in your spirit. I want to help you further liberate your soul so you can create the real joy you crave and deserve, and so you can better help those who rely on you for their growth and inspiration.

You may already be wildly “successful” – but are you willing to caffeinate your soul? To truly evolve and come to understand your energies so that you can expand your spirit, skyrocket your business, and take yourself to new levels of consciousness?

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Karen's Energy Intensive

...for spiritually aware energy-conscious human beings and businesses that are willing to move through the resistance and fears that keep them from their ultimate BIGNESS. My coaching is best suited for:

  • - thought leaders who are looking to expand their consciousness and make their next step up
  • - entrepreneurs and coaches who are ready to go deeper in themselves so they can explode outward and increase business
  • - spiritually conscious groups and businesses looking for energy mentoring or website/marketing energy transformations

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What people are saying about Karen and her coaching

Laura Leigh Clarke, Prosperity QM
I like to tell people that Karen is my "Wise Person". In every hero's journey, there is a wise person who shows the way when the path is the darkest, when the hero is facing his deepest wound. This is where the magic happens. This is the place that Karen can take you - if you dare! This work isn't for the newly initiated. Its for those of us who know what it is to work with energy, to struggle against ourselves and our own egos, who know that there is so much more to explore... but are lacking the tools to access it. Since working with Karen I've been opened to realms I've never imagined. I've found clarity, and insight, where previously there were only dull assumptions and limitations. Each day I find my skills, and challenges are accelerating me to new layers of consciousness. If you're not ready to walk through your own person fires though be warned: stay out of her orbit. If you're ready for the adventure of an incarnation, then you definitely want this lady as your Wise Person. P.S. I call her Gaia when I write about her in my stories!
Sandra Ballard, CEO Tangerine Marketing
Karen helps me see my fears...then helps me figure out why I have those fears... and then how to break through those fears. Most small businesses fail in the first year because the entrepreneur does recognize when a fear is adversely affecting their business; Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of putting yourself or product out there (selling) or fear of change (adjusting your business when your plans aren't working). I experienced all of those when starting Tangerine Marketing and Karen coached me through each fear until it was no longer limiting me. I especially have benefited from her coaching regarding selling and my revenue has grown 350% since that first year.
Marguerite M. Callaway, Callaway Leadership Institute, North America/Africa/Asia
Karen is a gift to my business and to me. She quickly grasped the essence of my expanded business vision and brought her own creativity and in-depth understanding into our conversations. Working collaboratively with Karen removed both mental blocks and internet technology-related constraints that were keeping me stuck. In just a short amount of time she’s helped me see how to take my business to a whole other level.
Jim Kim, Marketing Success Coach,
Karen’s down-to-earth sensibility and energetic, no-BS attitude are exactly what I needed to jumpstart my business. She helped me to finally begin to understand my hyper-creative nature, and to overcome the fears and anxieties that were holding me back in life. If you make too many bad decisions with your business, which hyper creative people can do, then chances are your business will fail. That’s why you need someone in your corner who has been there, understands you, and knows what it takes to turn your biggest failure into your greatest comeback. I will forever be indebted to Karen. ONWARD!