Are you starting to worry that this year might just bring more of the same as last year? Maybe same isn’t a horrible thing, it’s just not what you had hoped for. You want more. [...]

Or, “The Fire of Familiarity” In this article we’re going to talk about Major Plateaus. As we talked about in Personal Plateaus Part 1, we all have plateaus. Plateaus happen at different times and in [...]

Someone broke into our house. And robbed us. Last month, just a few weeks after my kids and I moved into my dream house we left on vacation. I thought I did the right things [...]

The ABCs of Personal Plateaus Plateaus. We all have them. Maybe your personal plateau is happening in your business. Everything is good and moving along and you’re making more money than a few months ago. [...]

In case you think that creativity is a luxury item to be pulled out of your pocket when you have “free” time to create a watercolor or write a book, think again. Creativity is a [...]