Create a Joyful Life by Asking this One Question

Are you starting to worry that this year might just bring more of the same as last year? Maybe same isn’t a horrible thing, it’s just not what you had hoped for. You want more. You want a joyful life filled with abundance and success.

With 2016 well under way, you’re probably getting a sense of whether or not you’re going to stick with your new year resolutions and goals. And if you are sticking with it you may be feeling a tad discouraged that you’re not seeing the payoff.

You might be wondering where is that joyful life you dream of?

Where is all that success and joy that inspirational teachers tell us is ours for the taking?

It’s over there.

Well, actually, no, in what direction does my joyful life lie?it’s not over there. It’s right here.

Joy, and the success that comes from creating a joyful life, come from a different direction than most of us are looking.

Wait, then what direction does joy really come from?

The Direction Joy Comes From

Joy comes from the direction of what is right with us, rather than what we believe is wrong with us.

Most of us (like 99.9%) make resolutions or goals from a place of lacking. As in, this is wrong with me so I’m going to fix it by setting a goal that will make me better.

  • A better person.
  • A healthier person.
  • A richer person.

Too often we come from a place of believing something is wrong in us rather than what’s right with us.

And we believe that if we can fix that thing we will be happier and more successful.

This approach couldn’t be more wrong.

To truly create a successful life filled with JOY you have to make choices based on what feels joyful rather than on thinking that once you’ve reached some milestone you will then start to be happier.

The 1 Question to Ask Yourself

joyful lifeJoy is something that comes from wholeness and choices that come from what is right.

So rather than making goals based on what you think is wrong with you, make them based on what is right because it is from that place of wholeness, your deep and lasting joy and success reside.

So when you are making your life and business choices, goals, and decisions ask yourself this:

Will this bring me joy?

When you consistently make those choices that bring you joy, you will be joyful – without having to wait until you achieve some goal that you think you need to achieve.

A Quick Joyful Life Meditation

At any given moment in your life you can switch on a little more joy by doing this:

Pick a color that feels joyful to you at that moment in time. Then imagine that you are that color. Your spirit and the space around you.

Become that color.

Doing this will elevate your vibration enough to get you unstuck and into a more joyful space.

A Special Note to Entrepreneurs / Coaches

What brings me joy is likely to be entirely different than what would bring you joy. And that means that just because something is working for me or my business does not mean it will work for yours.

Because if you’re not coming from a place that fits your soul, then you can’t find lasting joy.

This is especially important to understand if you are a coach and others are relying on you for inspiration and guidance. It’s hard to help someone else find success when your own well is running dry.

Joy creates boundless energy.

So if you are running your own business, especially an online one, be very aware of your joy meter as you read and poke around at how others are creating success for themselves. Don’t just imitate an email sequence or take a course or decide you need to start making vlogs because it’s “working for everyone else.”

The truth is that following someone elses path to success or joy is ultimately going to drag you down rather than lift you up.

That doesn’t help you, or your clients.

So grab hold of what will bring you joy.


That you can sustain. And when you are leading a joyful life you are in a much better position to be of service to those who look to you for help and inspiration.

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