Entrepreneurial Bliss – How to Claim Yours

Human beings. We’re a strange lot. We live, we breath, we create.

Some of us make choices and create a life which is fulfilling and blissful.

And others of us seem inclined to stay in a state of constant anxiety or anger – we feel we have been given the short stick and if only we had such and such or a better childhood or this or that we would have it so much better.

A good friend of mine died about 3 weeks ago. In fact he was more than a friend – he was the father of my three amazing children. As I work through the pain and loss, and focus on how to help my young children cope with the loss of their father, I find myself reflecting on his life, on all our lives. He was one of those people who did not make choices which helped him to create a life which was fulfilling and blissful. He was stuck in anger and in a way of thinking which led to constant unhappiness.

And I learned several amazing things from him which I offer to you as a way of helping you see your own path to bliss.

1. I learned that no matter how much you want to help another find a better space within themselves, you can’t. You can listen, you can encourage, you can offer information. But ultimately each of us has to make our own choices, follow our own path.

  • Are you following your path?
  • Or someone elses?

2. You can’t out think reality. I’ve heard it said that the only thing that creates unhappiness is when there is a disparity between what really is and what we wish were true. The father of my children had an off the charts IQ. Brilliant man. But time and time again he tried to overcome reality by thinking more. The problem was he kept missing the mark so he could never move forward – he wasn’t living in his conscious spirit.

  • Are you creating unhappiness in yourself because you are wishing things were different than they really are?
  • Are you wishing for more money rather than embracing exactly where you are?

To move forward, to not let fear keep you from your bliss, you must first sit square with how things really are.

As entrepreneurs we often sit down and set our goals and how we’re going to achieve them. But I’m going to recommend you try something new today.

List how things really are and then embrace your reality. We’ll do this for your business but certainly you could do this with all aspects of your life.

Don’t worry. This isn’t some big scary thing it’s the simple practice of being exactly where you are.

Go ahead and jot down the answers to these questions:

  1. I am an entrepreneur. My business is about…. Even if you haven’t yet started your actual business it’s alive and well in your heart or you wouldn’t be reading this, so jot it down.
  2. What am I doing for my business, right now? (as in, do you have a website, a blog, an idea, a list of tasks?). Whatever you are doing jot it down (remember, now what you wish you were doing, what you’re really doing).
  3. I made $X from my business last month and $X so far this month. Even if it’s zero, write it down.
  4.  I used my creativity for my business today. This is how I used it….This is a fill in the blank. You are always using your creativity even if you don’t label it as such. Creativity can be as simple as thinking of one new word that applies to your business to launching your first book to feeling a certain way.
  5. The best thing that happened in my business today was…your answer might be an email you received, or a tagline you wrote, or selling 17 of your new kits. No matter what it is, it is good!

Accepting exactly where you are is THE KEY to being happy.

Once you mix reality with creativity and the willingness to not let fear stop you, well then you’re talking bliss.

You are a human being. Yes, of course you’re strange and that is a wonderful thing.

Don’t ever waste a moment of being you.

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