Is Someone Robbing You Right Now?

StealingPostItSomeone broke into our house.

And robbed us.

Last month, just a few weeks after my kids and I moved into my dream house we left on vacation. I thought I did the right things – didn’t let many people we were going to be gone and I had a friend staying at the house. A 5th degree blackbelt friend no less. I wasn’t even done unpacking yet from our move but this trip to Zion and the Grand Canyon had been planned for a long time. So off we went.

ZionWe’d just finished a few days of awesome hiking in Zion and were just outside the park when we got the text to call because someone had broken into our house – literally, they basically kicked the front door in half. In broad daylight.


It took the kids and I all of 10 seconds to vote that we had to turn around and go home.

What did these pinheads take? Well, all my jewelry – including family heirlooms – which were still nicely packed up for them, my work computer, and our firebox with all valuable paperwork – all our ID stuff like SS cards and passports.

Initially this felt devastating. It was even harder for me that this happened in my “dream” house, safe neighborhood and all that.

It certainly brought to front and center – what do you do when your dream has been shit upon?

I’m sure you have dreams.

And no doubt you have people around you who do their level best to squash your dreams; some of the people you know personally, some you don’t. Most often the squashing is not as dramatic or obvious as having your dream house violated.

But the problem with the less obvious dream-killing is that often we don’t become conscious that it’s happening so we don’t take steps to stop it.

Clearly with the break in I needed no elevated consciousness to know that my dream was being dumped upon. And I immediately knew I had some big personal challenges ahead and that I’d have to work hard spiritually to move through to a better place. But what I knew for sure is that I did not want them to rob me of more than things – I did not want them to take away the dream of this house which I’d worked so hard to achieve.

I thought a lot about this. And I also thought a lot about the fact that every day people want to rob us of our dreams. Sometimes we let them. Sometimes we don’t even know we’re letting them.

We all have setbacks and challenges in our lives. You. Me. Every human.

evolve3The foundation of personal enlightenment, I believe, is not moving into a space where nothing “bad” can happen. Personal enlightenment is about moving into a space where we accept situations and dream-dumpers for what they are – opportunities for aha! moments – opportunities for an expanded consciousness with spiritual and personal growth.

Don’t get me wrong. When someone breaks into your house your first impulse isn’t too leap toward enlightenment. When I’d found out it happened I cried a lot. I was very sad and very mad. I hated those nameless faceless people as I went through many many days of trying to recoup important paperwork and help ensure that the thieves couldn’t access any of my accounts and such. And there were some very dark days. I wallowed. I put in a kickass alarm system. I took some of the actions I knew I needed to take.

But on the days where I was truly in touch with spirit, when I had any ability at all to understand how I could grow from this, that’s what I did consciously.

And this is what I came to understand…

that it’s easy to let people take different things from you. But the things that matter most, what lies inside you, the passions of your heart, the wisdom of your mind, the joy of your dreams…and your spirit: no one can take those things from you.

Unless you let them.

All too often we just give our dreams away – we make it easy for people to rob us and they don’t even have to break into our proverbial house to do so.


I believe it’s because we aren’t tuned into now, we aren’t conscious. Too often we are distracted by the past or the future or our worries. Too often we aren’t even seeing what’s right in front of us here and now.

When you pause and truly see the here and now you’ll stop anyone who is stealing the passions of your heart or the wisdom of your mind.

So right now take a moment to see and to feel and to know what is truly happening in your life.

Not what you wish or want to happen. What is happening.

Right now.

The robbery happened just over a month ago. About a week ago the people were arrested. Now they are no longer faceless potential dream-killers, they have names. It was a man and woman. I guess it’s their together hobby. A lot of the paperwork they took (from me and many other victims) is being returned. And spirit willing, maybe some of my jewelry can find its way back home to me too.

So I ask you now, what are you letting someone rob from you?

  • A dream?
  • Your heart’s desire?
  • Your spiritual peace?

evolve2Look deep with great consciousness because even though your physical house may not have been robbed, it’s entirely possible someone is trying to steal something from you right now.

Make the choice to not let them.

Be in the moment.

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  • Jim Kim July 5, 2015, 8:31 pm

    Sorry to hear about your house being robbed, Karen.

    It sounds like you are handling this unfortunate situation the best way you can: by turning this negative into a positive. Glad they caught the people who did this and that you might recoup your important papers and cherished heirlooms.

    Looking forward to reading and learning from the follow up to all this, I have a feeling this is just the beginning of something huge for you and we’re just getting started!

    Get your popcorn ready, because Karen F’n Daniels is just getting warmed up!

    • Karen July 6, 2015, 3:42 pm

      Hi Jim- thanks! I’m constantly surprised at the curve balls life throws and the lessons we have to learn. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Jim. Has anybody robbed you of something important recently? ; )


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