What’s in your Creative Wallet?

In case you think that creativity is a luxury item to be pulled out of your pocket when you have “free” time to create a watercolor or write a book, think again. Creativity is a key essential element for success. Check this out:

IBM Creativity Poll“According to a major IBM survey of more than 1,500 Chief Executive Officers from 60 countries and 33 industries worldwide, chief executives believe that – more than rigor, management discipline, integrity or even vision – successfully navigating an increasing complex world will require creativity.”

You certainly don’t have to look far to see that all around us there are national and international matters in desperate need of creative solutions: from saving endangered ecosystems to bringing peace and delivering health care in cost-effective and mutually beneficial ways.

Solutions for issues such as these come out of populations that encourage, contribute, and are receptive to new ideas – to creative ideas.

Now let’s step back from those mega international issues for the moment and look a lot closer to home.

Let’s look at your life.

Most of us leave little room for creative thinking in our personal lives – new stuff scares us, and everyone says change is hard, so it must be. And if you do venture forth with your creative thinking and make a new decision that creates change and cases waves you’ll get push-back from those around you who want you to stay just as you are.

Dream_Home_by_ToxxikChikI recently found myself in the position to be able to buy my dream home – which to me means an interesting house on an inspiring piece of property with some privacy and elbow room. I’m pretty gung-ho about using my creative energy and I’ve worked hard and long for many years as an author/writer to generate income while raising 3 kids as a single parent.

So you would think that when the payoff arrives and I’m able to do something I’ve dreamed of for a long time, everyone around me would be overcome with joy. But sadly, that often is not what happens. Case in point:

Me: “Mom, I’m going to buy a new house – the kind I’ve always dreamed of.”

Mom: “Why? I like the house you have now.”


A simple true example which illustrates succinctly why if we listen to those around us, it can be difficult to embrace the dream.

When you encourage yourself to draw consistently from your creative source and you create a life built upon your creative thinking, you can often feel as if you are going against the tide. But it’s important to realize that unless you do allow creative enlightenment to be a natural part of your day-to-day living, you’ll never experience the type of deep-seated happiness that comes from within.

Let’s be clear; creative enlightenment is not about producing a master piece of art or writing the next great novel. Those are ways in which we express our creativity.

Creative enlightenment is about understanding that decisions and choices you make every single day need to be in alignment with your creative spirit.

If you want to be authentically happy and successful then your decisions need to be true to you/your spirit – not what your culture or other people tell you to do. Big and small decisions add up over time to either build an life of true happiness and abundance, or to a life in which, even if you experience great success, you still feel unhappy.

Your Creative Caffeine for Today

CreativeCaffeineHere are 3 things you can choose from to do in the next 5 minutes to help you access your creative core:

  1. Write a paragraph of nonsense. Don’t think, just write. Why it works: you’ve laid down a lot of pathways in your brain that you repeatedly drive on. New roads equal new thoughts, new ideas.
  2. Vacuum your house backwards. Chances are good you follow a similar pattern each time you vacuum your house. So shake it up and be bold. Oh yeah, start with the last room first.
  3. Turn your office chair around. So, if you are wonderfully lazy and for sure aren’t going to vacuum, then simply turn your office chair around and see what shakes loose for you.

The point here is to make a conscious effort to do a few things just a little differently – to begin to pull out that creative wallet on a regular basis. Pulling that creative wallet out – OFTEN – is really important. Not just for you and your life but for all of us. Because certainly if we are not able to develop the habit of creative enlightenment into our own personal lives, how can we possibly expect to solve those greater world issues?

And just in case you were wondering, yes, I’m still buying the new house. Sorry, Mom.

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