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Your Creativity from Ordinary to Extraordinary: Creativity Inspiration, Activities and Tips

Blow out your fear and boost your creativity so you can get closer to authentic success.

I was so enthralled with the beautiful photos and wonderful prose in “Your Creativity”…It’s wonderful, and very motivating and inspiring. Thank you for all the tips to spark our creativity that you’ve packed into this gem.
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Mindful Creativity: Unleash Your Creativity & Purpose

Simple tips and meditations to move you past your excuses and put you in touch with your creative energy.

Mixing mindfulness and creativity makes for inspiring results.”Mindful Creativity”was thoroughly refreshing and Karen’s approach to creativity throughout the book was playful and fun. -Angela Artemis

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Online Writing for Profit and Purpose

Easy to understand, simple to use. Online writing guide for Fearless Creativepreneurs who want to make money and a difference.

“Have you ever felt like you learn more by sitting around a table with coffee and a friend then any seminar or webinar? Well this is how it feels to read Karen Daniels’ book. And she is FUN to read!! How did she manage that? I wish all books in this genre were written this way. -Lee J. Tyler

Have you ever looked for ways to re-energize your writing but don’t want the process to become a chore? I was looking to bring more life to my blog posts. Online Writing for Profit and Purpose was the medicine I needed. The book moved back and forth between writing psychology and specific writing tips like better use of grammar to tagging your blog post to improve your SEO readership. I felt refreshed when I was done with the read.” – Albert H Hanzal
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online writing for profit and purpose

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Do you help and inspire others? Do you wonder how you’re going to replenish yourself?

This energy intensive mentoring is for conscious leaders and entrepreneurs who are spiritually aware, and experienced energy users who are looking to break their own limitations so they can better help those they serve. Very limited availability. Due to the intense nature of this experience and the mutual time commitment I take on no more than 3 clients at a time.


  • Maybe you already run your own spiritual coaching practice
  • or help other types of successful entrepreneurs
  • or you a leader or speak to large groups of people

This is for your replenishment and growth. Are you ready to fuel your own soul and take yourself to the next level, for yourself and your clients?

I only take on a handful of clients at a time so  if you want to be alerted when more spaces open up, email me.


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